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How Long Will TRT Take to Work?

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When starting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), there will be a range of symptoms you will be keen to see the back of. Low sex drive, lack of energy, depression, and that beer belly! When you start taking testosterone, you will be expecting instant results. Still, it is essential to be clear that the benefits can take time to appear and even more important to understand that everybody reacts differently.

TRT is a long-term treatment, and for some, it can take many months for any physical benefits to become noticeable. Notably, many of the benefits of TRT are not physically apparent, but the hidden benefits are crucial and can protect your long-term health. People on TRT have a lower risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and reduced visceral fat. These are all conditions you cannot necessarily see, but studies show that the benefits are very real, and TRT can prolong and improve your quality of life.

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Replacement  Therapy to Work?

Studies have shown that the onset of benefits from testosterone replacement therapy varies from person to person, and it is essential to realize that everybody is different. Some people will see increased libido first, while others may notice improved memory. No timeline fits everybody, but this is our guide to what to expect.

Mental Wellbeing

Testosterone has a complex relationship with multiple neural networks, including those regulating mood. Most people report a general feeling of wellbeing and improved overall quality of life within 3-6 weeks. If you suffer from depression, the good news is that many patients find it starts to lift during this time. Remember though it may take longer or happen sooner, we are all different. If you are concerned that you are not experiencing an improvement, be patient and feel free to contact us to discuss your treatment.

When your testosterone levels are optimized, estrogen levels also increase. Many other clinics then wrongly prescribe estrogen blockers to lower estrogen. Estrogen blockers are among the most misunderstood medications used by those starting TRT. 

In the central nervous system, estrogen increases blood flow to the brain, providing anti-inflammatory effects, promoting electrical impulses, and protecting neurons, peptides, and proteins which all maintain tissues in the brain. Estrogen is also pivotal in libido and erections and protects against dementia.

Will Testosterone Improve My Sexlife?

Testosterone is a powerful hormone that powers a man's sex drive. Those with normal to high testosterone levels are generally more sexually hungry than those with low-T. Most men will experience a boost in sexual desire within a few weeks of starting TRT. It is also important to remember that self-image, what you eat, and how you generally feel can all drastically affect libido. Testosterone also plays a vital role in sperm production. Those with lower T levels typically produce fewer, lower-quality sperm.

There is no firm evidence that testosterone replacement therapy will improve your erections. However, one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction (E.D) is hypogonadism (Low-T). TRT treats many of the underlying causes of E.D, such as depression, low self-esteem, and poor body image, so most men see improvements in sexual desire and function. However, many men report harder erections later on during therapy.

Will Testosterone Improve My Body?

Fat gain and loss of lean muscle is almost always a hormone problem, and the only long-term solution is to treat it as one, which is why we developed The Complete Hormone Diet. The diet incorporates HRT and time-restricted eating to help those who struggle with weight loss. The Complete Hormone Diet is a powerful weight loss combo that burns fat fast. But where does the problem lie?

The problem is often two-fold.

  1. Visceral fat turns testosterone into estradiol, which means less testosterone making it harder to lose weight.
  2. Insulin converts into fat. If you are constantly snacking, insulin levels are always high.

    So What's the solution?

    • Avoid foods like sugar and refined grains. These are the enemy and increase insulin levels.
    • Eliminate snacking between meals.
    • Have three windows to eat each day of 60 minutes 
    • Optimize hormone levels 

    Time-restricted eating and insulin work together to regulate weight (and fat). People need periods when they don't eat so that insulin levels can fall. When insulin levels drop, our bodies enter energy-burning mode.

    The key is to leave more time between meals….so we burn stored energy. When we burn energy, we burn fat.

    Lose the Visceral Fat: Increase Testosterone and Reverse Insulin Resistance

    Studies show that overweight men are more likely to suffer from testosterone deficiency. Interestingly, this may be reversible with weight loss, and T levels may become restored. 

Belly fat, in particular visceral fat, contains an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme converts testosterone into estrogen, considered the 'female sex hormone.' Due to excess visceral fat, overweight men commonly have high estrogen levels. High estrogen levels can lead to gynecomastia (man boobs), sore nipples, water retention, erectile dysfunction, and reduced sex drive.

Importantly, because visceral fat robs the body of testosterone, men in this position often find it even harder to lose weight. Visceral fat also produces a protein called retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4), which increases resistance to insulin, making it twice as hard to lose fat.

The solution is to supplement testosterone, making it easier to burn fat and gain muscle.

As with any weight loss plan, results depend on your commitment. If you are serious about losing fat, The Complet Hormone diet is your best route to faster results. Testosterone and thyroid alone can help, but you will notice faster results within weeks if you add to restricted eating. 

"After starting TRT with Male Excel and following their hormone diet plan the weight began to fall off. I work at home and dont get to the gym much, but 3 months in and I have lost 16 lbs. My libido is through the roof and I feel (and look) better than I have in years. I use the testosterone cream and follow time-restricted eating, as they suggest. I also fast for 16hrs between 8pm and midday the next day. I find it dead easy, this really really works!" 

Stanley W (Male Excel Patient)

After a few months of taking TRT, you should start to see an increase in lean body mass, and you should also notice a decrease in excess fat. Testosterone replacement therapy actively speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn fat more effectively. If you go to the gym, you will see more significant results and will likely notice a marked improvement in muscle tone. Resistance exercises using heavy weights will get you improved results, particularly when combined with TRT, which aids muscle gain. 

How quickly you will see results depends greatly on what you put in. If you follow your medical provider's advice, eat the right food at the right time, and follow our HRT protocols, you stand the best chance of succeeding in the body you want to achieve. 

Will Testosterone replacement therapy Make My Bones Stronger?

When a man gets older, it is common for bone density to decrease in line with the fall in testosterone production. Weak bones (osteoporosis) is a condition characterized by brittle bones and an increased risk of fracture. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, up to one in four men over 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. Approximately two million American men already have osteoporosis, and about 12 million more are at risk.

Studies show that TRT can help improve bone density and reduce the risks of osteoporosis. It is also essential to get plenty of exercise, eat healthily, stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake. Vitamin D and calcium supplements will also help to reduce the risks.

Can Testosterone Help Type 2 Diabetes?

One significant benefit of testosterone replacement therapy is how it can drastically improve life for pre-diabetics and those with type 2 diabetes. Often after only a couple of days, insulin sensitivity can improve. It is important to note that complete control over blood sugar levels can take months, if not years. It is also vital to continue your diabetes medication and regularly consult your doctor to keep levels in check and make sure your medication is the correct dose.

Over ten years, one particular German study looked at 311 men with Low-T and type 2 diabetes. Half were given TRT, and the other half was used as a control group. The groups were tested regularly to check blood sugar levels, and their weight was taken for reference. By the end of the study, fasting blood sugar levels had fallen dramatically in the TRT group and had risen the control group.

Sixty-one patients in the TRT group who took insulin saw their dose reduced from on average 34 units a day to 19.9. In comparison, the control group who took no testosterone saw an increase from 30.7 to 42.2 units daily. There was also significant weight loss in the TRT group, with an average weight loss of 22.7kg compared to no change in the control group.

What If You Don't See Any Results?

All men are different, and there is no proven timeline as to when you should start seeing and feeling the benefits of TRT. You will need to be patient and stick to the treatment plan. Testosterone therapy takes time to work. If your levels are particularly low, your body will take more time to adjust and reach optimum T levels. It is also common for the positive effects to drop off after a few weeks as your body adjusts to increased testosterone. Don't worry; things will pick up again, and you should feel better very soon.

If you don't see or feel any results after a couple of months, you should check back with the Male Excel doctors. They can arrange another blood spot test to check your T levels and possibly adjust your dosage to ensure you are getting the full benefits of the treatment.

Our team of experts at Male Excel can offer you the best possible advice and treatment, helping you become the best version of yourself. We offer injectable bio-identical Testosterone Cypionate with subcutaneous needles, which can easily be self-administered. For those who don't want to use needles, we also offer Lipoderm Testosterone cream, which is just as effective and pain-free.

Testosterone replacement therapy has helped countless men regain their energy and excel in body and mind. With patience and the correct medication, you too can gain back control and rediscover your zest for life.