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Testosterone Lipoderm Cream

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Testosterone Lipoderm cream is applied to the skin to administer testosterone into your system. It is used to maintain optimum T-levels and increase testosterone levels in your body. Typical dosage ranges from 0.25ml – 4ml per day and is delivered in the groin area. With all testosterone creams, certain precautions are vital to ensure cross-contamination doesn't occur.

Lipoderm cream is a highly effective alternative to traditional testosterone injections. It is pain-free and easy to apply. The cream provides very stable levels with daily application and tends to have a more positive effect on your cholesterol profile (specifically increasing HDL, your good cholesterol). Our medical providers will use your health assessment and blood spot test results to determine your starting dosage and alter it as required to help you achieve optimal levels. The cream offers just as impressive results as injections and has been proven to absorb into the body just as effectively. However, there are precautions you should be aware of before starting treatment.

Testosterone creams can cause unwanted side effects in women, children, and even pets who accidentally come into contact with it. In children, side effects can be serious and include early-onset puberty, aggressiveness, enlarged genitals, excessive hair growth, and acne. And in women, it is particularly dangerous during pregnancy, where it can cause birth defects.

However, by using the correct precautions these risks can be eradicated.

  • Do not allow the treated area to come into contact with other people
  • Cover the treated area 20 minutes after application
  • Don't allow others to touch clothes or bedding which has come into contact with creams
  • Don't stroke animals after application
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application

How to Apply Testosterone Lipoderm Cream

Testosterone lipoderm cream should be applied twice daily at the same time each day, ideally in the morning and last thing at night. This is when your natural testosterone production kick starts. It should be applied to the groin area after a shower, on dry skin, with clean hands. It is vital to wash your hands thoroughly after application to avoid transference. Allow the cream to absorb fully into the skin and wait 10-20 minutes before dressing fully.

Creams can provide high levels of testosterone in an easy-to-apply form, but there are important transference issues as discussed earlier. You should avoid sexual contact for around 4 hours after applying the cream especially if applied in the groin area as many doctors suggest.

Testosterone lipoderm cream can have serious health consequences for women and children. Most importantly if your partner wants to become pregnant, is pregnant, or breastfeeding you should not use testosterone cream! Due to the risk of accidental transference, we will not offer this therapy in these cases. Testosterone cream transference can cause enlargement of the genitalia (penis or clitoris), premature development of pubic hair, advanced bone age, increased libido, and aggressive behavior in children.

Absorption of the cream also varies from person to person; some will have excellent levels whilst others won't. So ongoing testing is vital to ensure the best results. We advise that the blood spot test is repeated every 6-12months so we can monitor your ongoing health and the effectiveness of the treatment.

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How long will TRT take to work?

Testosterone lipoderm cream is a convenient and simple hormone replacement therapy that is pain-free and highly effective. As with any TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy), people generally find themselves with more energy and improved sexual function within a couple of weeks. However, it is normal for these effects to drop off again whilst your body adjusts to its new levels and cuts back on testosterone production. After a couple of months, T-levels will stabilize, and you should start to see and feel the benefits as your metabolism increases. Increased metabolism will make it easier to lose weight and gain muscle mass and as long as you maintain the therapy the results will continue.

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