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How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

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There are many treatments available that supposedly cure erectile dysfunction. Most of these treatments will need you to use them indefinitely, and this means they aren't eliminating the root causes of this condition. Some of these treatments, however, will indicate that on their packaging.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction include heart disease, alcohol addiction, fatigue, and obesity. If you just use the available treatments for erectile dysfunction symptoms while suffering from these root causes, this condition will continue troubling you.

Treat Your Heart Disease

To get an erection, your penis requires blood, and if you're suffering from heart disease, it may not get the blood it needs. Treating heart disease is the best way to cure erectile dysfunction. Some heart disease treatments include cardioversion and the use of pacemakers in some instances.

Before the cardioversion procedure expect your doctor to a transesophageal echo diagram (TEE) test on you to look for blood clots in your heart. After this, you'll be given blood thinners and a sedative.

You'll then be given low current electrical shocks through patches on your chest with your blood pressure and heart rate being monitored.

When your heart rate returns to normal levels, you'll be released and given anti-arrhythmia medication.

Recover from Alcohol Addiction

If you're an alcoholic and you have erectile dysfunction that could be due to alcohol lowering your sex drive as it's a depressant. Drinking moderately isn't bad, but if you have more than two drinks a day, you should cut back on your consumption.

You can do this by calculating how much money you currently spend on alcohol. Then compare this to how much you'd save by reducing/stopping your alcohol consumption.

You can also reduce your alcohol consumption by setting realistic goals for yourself. These can be choosing to set a limit on how much you drink in a week and lowering that number every time it becomes easy to stick to.

To make this easier, concentrate on how this will better your relationships and mental health.

Fight Fatigue

Even though scientists haven't determined how fatigue causes erectile dysfunction, they've found a link between these two conditions. Fatigue can easily be treated by getting enough sleep regularly.

If this doesn't work, you could also try out exercising as it has been found to lead to higher energy levels and healthier body organs.

Drinking enough water can also help fight fatigue as studies say that dehydration leads to low energy levels. Eating foods high in omega-three fatty acids has been shown to improve alertness and energy levels too.

Lose Weight

Obesity is the leading cause of illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. These illnesses usually lead to erectile dysfunction.

By losing weight, you'll be distancing yourself from these and thus cure any early signs of erectile dysfunction. Doctors recommend that you lose weight through exercising and eating well.

The best way to lose weight fast, according to research, is through intermittent fasting and hormone replacement therapy. Another recommendation is that you cut back on starchy and sugary foods. 

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