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Exercise, Hormones and a Healthy New You!

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There must be a million articles about 'A New Year, and a New You.' Countless fad diets, healthy eating plans, exercise routines, and wellbeing gurus offering a quick fix and a one-way ticket to failure. Seriously, how often do these 'crazes' actually work?

It's about time for a 'new approach' for the coming year!

Combine BHRT and Exercise This New Year!

Keeping fit is good for everybody; however, as guys get older, their testosterone levels start to fall, your ability to burn fat, maintain lean muscle, and overall strength depletes. This fall is not your fault; it is the natural decline that every man experiences from around 30 onwards. 

Reduced testosterone also affects:

  • Motivation
  • Mental processing
  • Bone strength
  • Agility 
  • Ability to burn fat
  • Ability to build lean muscle 

When things start to slip, and the belly is harder to lose, exercise becomes less effective and results harder to achieve. So, let's talk about bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy (BHRT) and how it can boost your exercise program into the coming year!

Exercise Enhances BHRT's Positive Effects

BHRT is used to replace the testosterone your body is no longer producing. This therapy ensures you maintain optimal hormone levels, so your metabolism works as it used to in your younger years, enabling your body to burn fats and build muscle efficiently.

Exercise increases testosterone naturally, even in guys with clinically low testosterone, but not enough to reach the optimum level required for peak performance and health gains. The combination of training and testosterone replacement therapy significantly improves serum levels and relieves negative symptoms compared to testosterone therapy alone. This combination is of no real surprise when you look at all the benefits testosterone has on the body.

  • Helps the development of red blood cells
  • Increases bone density
  • Regulates Fat distribution and reduces visceral fat
  • Increases muscle strength and mass
  • Supports mental focus and motivation

Optimum testosterone levels enable men to regain their youthful energy and improve their ability to burn fat and build muscle. Optimal hormones will give you back that youthful energy and will take your workouts to a new level. Your motivation will skyrocket, your mind will be sharper, and as a bonus, your libido will likely go through the roof.

What Happens to Muscles and Body Tone When I Have Reduced Testosterone?

Hormones are chemical messengers flowing around your body. Testosterone specifically binds to muscle cells, triggering an increase in protein synthesis, making you grow muscles faster.

If your body lacks these vital messengers, you will produce muscle far less quickly, if at all. Your body will also take longer to 'repair' itself and adapt to the workload exercise puts on your body. By increasing testosterone to optimal levels, you will see far more progress in the gym, especially when it comes to building muscles and reducing dangerous visceral fat.

Testosterone amd exercise

Is Testosterone Replacement for Me?

Exercise and Testosterone are the Perfect Match

It's pretty standard for older guys to slow down and even stop their exercise routine. Often blaming being too tired, too busy, and a total lack of energy. The truth is that it is probably a lack of testosterone, causing a lack of motivation. 

It's important to remember that testosterone replacement alone will not give you the results you are seeking. It will increase your energy levels and your inclination to get fit. It will provide you with a much-needed kick up the butt, but it will not magically make your stomach disappear, and your muscles miraculously grow. Testosterone is not a cheat; this is bioidentical testosterone replacement for optimal levels. With exercise and eating well, it has the power to help you regain your youthful zest!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy With Male Excel

Exercise and BHRT, along with a healthy diet, is a powerful combination that will have you feeling like you are 20 again. Countless Studies (1) have shown that testosterone produces significant increases in protein synthesis into muscle whilst reducing visceral fat. Crucially the combination of exercise and testosterone significantly improves results (2) and reduces low testosterone symptoms.

If you are ready to improve your health and want to look and feel better, then take your first step with our free assessment. Take your first steps to a new you this coming year! Take Hormone Assessment NowReferences:

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