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Does Pornography Increase the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

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Watching pornography is fairly common amongst men of all ages, but erectile dysfunction is not normal among men aged under 40. Two studies confirmed that less than 5% of men from this age group are affected. These studies were conducted in the years 1999 and 2002. 

In those times, people did not have fast access to various kinds of pornography through the use of tube sites. Ever since tube sites became a popular form of porn, young men tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It has become a common problem. 

This has led to new research to ascertain whether porn is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

The Connection Between Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction

The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behavior (GSSAB) had 2,737 active men aged under 40 from three countries to answer a questionnaire. This questionnaire revealed that 14% to 28% of these men suffered from this erectile dysfunction. 

Another study done by Swiss researchers revealed that 30% of Swiss men aged 18-24 have this condition. Canadian researchers who were looking at sexual problems, in general, found that 53.5% of the Canadian male population aged 16-21 had a sexual problem of some sort in 2014. 

Of that number, 26% suffered from erectile dysfunction and it was the most common sexual problem reported in that study.

How Pornography Affects Erectile Dysfunction

The findings of the previously mentioned studies clearly show that erectile dysfunction surged with the rise of Internet pornography. They do not, however, show how pornography could be a possible cause to this, but researchers from the US military have released findings that are based on subjects who admitted to being porn users.

The study from the US military was based on clinical case reports of 3 officers. The first two officers (40 and 24) started having problems with his erections after the heavy use of pornography as masturbation stimulant. 

How Porn Affects Erections
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It was the same the other officer 20, but his report also showed that he started watching “softcore” porn before moving on to “hardcore” porn.

This transition is why researchers claim that porn gradually warps the user’s view of sex to the point where a real-life partner doesn’t arouse him.

The Impact of Pornography on E.D.

According to a study done by the neuroscientists Nicole Praus and James Pfaus, excessive pornography consumption may not lead to erectile dysfunction. In their study, they used a sample of 280 men who watched a porn clip and answered a questionnaire that was used to determine how porn affects male sexual arousal.

Their findings were that men who regularly watched pornography had a higher sex drive. They also found that they had a desire for a partner as much as they desired pornographic stimulation. 

Another finding was that men who view pornography could respond to more sexual stimuli. It lessens their chances of getting erectile dysfunction.

Guilt and Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers say that men who watch porn but suffer from guilt afterward are the ones who are at risk of getting erectile dysfunction. They say this is due to their brains associating sexual stimulation with negative feelings. The risk rises among men who believe that porn causes erectile dysfunction.