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Can You Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common complaint amongst men (and their partners). After a certain age, most men will experience that awful moment when the desire is there, but the tackle is not up to the job. Performance anxiety, heart disease, obesity, and depression are amongst many factors that can be the trigger for E.D, some psychological, and some physical. The great news is that in the majority of cases, it is usually treatable!

Let's Talk About E.D

Guys do not want to discuss erectile dysfunction; a man's penis often symbolizes his manhood. In fact, 'manhood' is even a common term used when referring to his genitals. So right from the word go when a guy is growing up, the penis symbolizes masculinity.

It is every guy's worst nightmare to think one day his penis will not respond on cue in the way it used to. E.D is undoubtedly not a topic men feel comfortable talking about with their buddies, doctors, or partners. However, the more guys that are happy to discuss this problem, the easier it will become for others to follow suit.

Men are often stubborn and have the self-perception that they should be the ones to carry life's burdens. Many are also subject to conditioning throughout their lives to be confident, emphatic winners. When you 'manhood' fails to perform, the feelings of failure and guilt are crushing to a man's self-esteem.

Movies are full of images of supermen (and women) who are strong, confident, powerful, and always coming out on top. This stereotype, albeit what most guys want to be, is far from reality. Many men are insecure about failure, feel the pressure to perform, and never want to be a letdown.

It may make you feel a whole lot better to know that an estimated 30 million men in the USA have some form of erectile dysfunction. If you are one of them, then to know you are not alone should be some comfort. The most crucial point to remember is that E.D. treatments work for around 70-80 percent of guys. So for most guys, erectile dysfunction is reversible.

Can You Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

Your ability to get an erection can be an indicator of your general health and well being. Erections rely on cardiovascular health, and if there is a 'fault' in this system, you may find it hard to get hard. There are many causes of E.D, many of which are reversible through lifestyle improvements. However, there are also causes such as heart disease and clogged arteries that are not reversible but often treatable.   

Determining why you are struggling to get it hard is the first port of call when it comes to assessing your condition. In most cases, it is your lifestyle choices that will have caused the problems below the belt. Don't forget; there are many things you can do to increase your chances of reversing your erectile dysfunction.

  1. Keep fit: Your health is vital when it comes to getting a boner. Better cardiovascular health and less excess weight will improve your boner!
  2. Look after yourself: High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides all fur up your major arteries. Restricting your arteries slows blood flow and making erections hard to achieve
  3. Lose the spare tire: Having too much visceral (belly) fat can cause type 2 diabetes, increases bad cholesterol, and kills testosterone production. All the ingredients you need to be a flop!
  4. Stop Smoking: Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your penis. As soon as you quit, your health starts to improve immediately. Your blood pressure improves. Your risk of heart attack goes down. And your circulation begins to improve within 2 to 12 weeks.
  5. Have more sex: Yes, you heard it right here, the more you do it, the easier erections are to achieve. In one of our favorite studies in the Male Excel office, those who have sex twice a week instead of once are half as likely to develop E.D. Brillant news!
  6. Cut back on alcohol: Studies show too much boozing significantly increases the likelihood of E.D., and we don't just mean brewers droop!
  7. Strengthen your pelvic floor: Your pelvic floor muscles help to keep things rigid. By doing Kegel exercises, you can bolster up these crucial muscles. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, it can help you last longer too!
  8. Get some sleep: Tiredness, exhaustion, and stress are all related to a good night's sleep, and also all play havoc with your boner!

Can You Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

How to Reverse E.D.

Erectile dysfunction is often reversible through improving your general and mental health; however, this is often a long-term investment. Working on fitness, mental well-being, and losing weight will help stiffness, but sometimes medication is necessary. If your E.D. is due to other health issues, then you may have to rely on prescription medications, but these are generally very safe and now available online from companies such as Male Excel. There are a few options available with Generic Viagra® and Generic Cialis® being the leading contenders.

Generic Viagra®

Everybody is familiar with Viagra, which is now available in the generic form called Sildenafil. Viagra® was the first effective E.D. pill, which increases blood flow to the penis enabling between 70-80% of sufferers to have penetrative sex again. This medication works quickly (within an hour) and usually lasts for around four hours. It will not increase your desire to have sex. Still, it will certainly help enable your tackle to get hard and recover quickly for round two!

Generic Cialis®

Cialis®, which is also available in a generic version called Tadalafil, is fast becoming more popular than its more famous cousin Viagra® and for a good reason. It works in the same way as Viagra® by increasing blood flow to the penis but with a few advantages.  The benefit it has over viagra is the fact it lasts up to 36 hours! So if you have planned a romantic weekend away, you only need to take one tablet to make sure you are covered the whole weekend. It is a little slower to take effect (around 2 hours), but the advantage of forgetting about it for a few days appeals to many.

Generic Daily Cialis®

Now the newest kid on the block is called Daily Cialis® (Daily Tadalafil). This pill has transformed the lives of so many E.D sufferers; it's unreal. As the name suggests, you take this low dose (2.5-5 mg) medication every day, and it builds in your system. The magic is in the fact that once it kicks in, you can have spontaneous erections whenever you need to perform! This fantastic remedy has transformed the sex lives of so many men their partners. Imagine not having to plan to take your pill, simply get on with it whenever you want to!

So, Is Erectile Dysfunction Reversible?

In truth, E.D. is not always reversible, and if it is not, medications will, in most cases, treat the problem. It is important to remember that E.D. could be a sign of a hidden health problem, and you should discuss this with your health practitioner. Companies such as Male Excel have the doctors ready and waiting to offer the best medical care and ensure your health is the top priority. So is erectile dysfunction reversible? in some cases, it is reversible, and in most cases, it is treatable!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please consult a doctor.