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Are Online Companies Like Male Excel The Real Deal?

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Here at Male Excel we must abide by a strict code of practice and have approved licensing to operate as a medical supply company. We only supply 100% genuine FDA approved medication. However, there are unfortunately some unscrupulous companies out there who will do anything for a quick buck without a thought for people's safety.

Fake Medication is  a Problem

Let’s start with the facts, fake medicinal drugs are a huge problem. In 2017 a ten-year investigation called Pangea X, involving 197 police officers, customs officials, and health regulators from a record 123 countries led to the seizure of over 25,000,000 counterfeit medicines. There were over 400 arrests, 3,584 illicit websites taken down and in one individual raid, 1.2 tons of fake E.D meds were discovered.

Counterfeit medication not only funds criminal gangs worldwide but, health implications are also huge. Fake drugs often don't contain the correct quantities of active medication, they could contain toxic or dangerous ingredients or have no active ingredient at all. This could mean people inadvertently ingesting poison or taking completely ineffective drugs. One real possibility is if a counterfeit drug contains the wrong dose of antibiotics, a new dangerous bacteria with antibiotic resistance could develop, a very sobering thought, which could have a global impact.

As a consequence fake drugs can destroy public confidence in our healthcare systems. This, in turn, takes away trust from legitimate healthcare professionals, suppliers of genuine meds, and regulatory authorities. People are therefore rightly suspicious of buying medicines online, but we want you to feel secure when buying through us. We get 100's of questions on Facebook every week asking the same questions and the fact remains we are the real deal!

"Are your meds legit?"

"Are they the real thing?"

"How do I know this is real?"

Are Male Excel Meds Real?

Well, the obvious answer is "Yes of course!"

Fact: We are members of Legit Script. In order to sell medicines online, we must be members of Legit Script and our membership can be seen following this link. We have what is called ‘Healthcare merchant certification.’ Healthcare Merchant Certification applies to Pharmacies, Telemedicine providers, supply chain businesses, and other prescription services such as eyeglasses and contact lens merchants, pharmacy websites, and apps. LegitScript approval is known throughout the online advertising, social media, regulatory, and payment sectors; it is recognized by Visa, Google, Bing, and other major payment service providers. Without this, we could not operate because nobody would want to work with us.

Fact: We use a network of licensed doctors throughout the United States each of whom has their own license to prescribe in their given states. Each state has its own laws to which we have to abide. These doctors individually approve or reject every patient based on their online medical appraisal and where necessary a video or audio consultation. Without our doctors, we could not exist.

Fact: We only sell FDA approved medicines that are dispensed via third-party pharmacies. The third-party pharmacies which Male Excel use are Welldyne, P.O. Box 90369, Lakeland, FL 33804 and Anazao Health Corp. located at 5710 Hoover Blvd, Tampa, FL 33634. They, of course, must have their own certification and are URAC accredited to sell mail-order medicines direct to our customers. So, without a close partnership with our third-party pharmacies, we would not be able to dispense any medicines.

Fact: We are Hippa compliant. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996) (HIPAA) is in place to ensure companies who handle medical information digitally do so in a safe and responsible manner. The HIPAA security rule requires healthcare professionals to secure patient information that is stored or transferred digitally from data breaches, erasure, and other problems. Without complying with these rules, we simply would not be able to operate.

Fact: We definitely are not a scam; we are incredibly proud of what we do. Every patient under our care is treated with the same care and attention you would expect with a face to face doctor consultation. We are advocates of a healthy lifestyle and promote men’s health to the highest possible standards. We deeply care for every Male Excel patient because without you we simply wouldn’t exist.

If you would like to learn more about what Male Excel offer, follow this link to see what we can do to help you!.